When are pears just like apples?

November 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Glorious PearsRed PearI painted a red pear, fighting off the instinct to overwork it and challenged by how difficult it seemed when I had an aha moment and then clarity …..pears are just like apples in watercolor! In my first (and only) watercolor class in 2010, I learned to paint a highlight layer using new gamboge, then two shades of red on the dried layers for the medium and darkest values. I realized that my vision has matured and objects have many values and hues. My “glorious pears” were easier and a lot more fun than just one red pear. I drew the shapes first, wet the pears one by one, starting with a light, warm yellow, cadmium pale yellow and while still wet, I painted reds and greens in the values I saw in the fruit under the spotlights. I mixed the paint before I started and worked quickly on the wet paper allowing for a more spontaneous painting experience and fun! It was fast!

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