“That which is beautiful and Tiffany T No. 1007787”

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Plant life is truly beautiful. In our culture, gold trinkets are valued until they are replaced by the next luxury item. Can I share this vision with you? Look closely at what is around you and behold its magnificence.

“Under the Seas” – another in the series

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Small watercolor using favorite colors in a familiar, ongoing theme “Under the Seas.” I like to draw, paint and dream about organic plant and microscopic life.

sold out at the Farmers Market

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flowers sold out @ the Farmers Market
Sometimes the bits and pieces of things catches my eye and won’t let go. This watercolor is from a photograph taken at a Farmers Market last summer. The tendrils of the greens formed an embrace of the bits of flowers floating in the water remaining in the metal vase. I like to paint flowers but they don’t have to be fresh from the garden. Sometimes I’m caught staring at a bud that never did unfold or a bit of pollen on a spent flower head. Look and see, a simple phrase that frequently captures my imagination.

Fascinating Neutrals

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Los Tomatillos in a pint basket at the market I knew that this would be challenging to paint. I was fascinated by the papery outer shells surrounding each of the small tomatoes. When I researched these on the web, I learned that tomatillos are green but the ones I saw at the market were subtle shades of greens, yellows, browns and even more. I realize that neutrals are a broad group of colors.

When are pears just like apples?

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Glorious PearsRed PearI painted a red pear, fighting off the instinct to overwork it and challenged by how difficult it seemed when I had an aha moment and then clarity …..pears are just like apples in watercolor! In my first (and only) watercolor class in 2010, I learned to paint a highlight layer using new gamboge, then two shades of red on the dried layers for the medium and darkest values. I realized that my vision has matured and objects have many values and hues. My “glorious pears” were easier and a lot more fun than just one red pear. I drew the shapes first, wet the pears one by one, starting with a light, warm yellow, cadmium pale yellow and while still wet, I painted reds and greens in the values I saw in the fruit under the spotlights. I mixed the paint before I started and worked quickly on the wet paper allowing for a more spontaneous painting experience and fun! It was fast!

garlic and pasta – sketchbook watercolor

October 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

garlic and pasta

I walked by a Williams Sonoma storefront at Tyson’s mall and the pasta was beautiful, perfectly aligned.  What really fascinate me was the reflection of the pasta in the mirror-like surface of the pasta pot in the background.  Often reflections are far more interesting than the object itself such as water and ice in a glass goblet on a simple white tablecloth.  With limited time, I couldn’t focus on the reflections, instead I painted the garlic and pasta trying to match colors and values. Winsor Newton on Stonehenge paper, 7″ x 7″

pasta reflections

Candlelight Lane

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is the first page of a new Stonehenge 9″ x 12″ sketchbook.  I purchased a Pilot Prera pen, filled it with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink and made so many lines. Loving the pen, the paper, then what? I struggled with a personal theme and when I found one, I created an imaginary home with its own power source, ‘a forever power plant’, map collage trees and a dive board from its roof top pool into the Aegean Sea. For about a week’s time, I rushed back to my studio to add to the work. 

Candlelight Lane - better scanned

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