Cruising, Day 6, St. John, New Brunswick

June 25, 2016 § Leave a comment


Cruising was a wonderful way to celebrate turning a calendar page. It was fun sharing my birthday with 15 friends from the Insight Memory Care Center.  This is where my loved one spends three days/week fully occupied and engaged in social activities and loving balloon volleyball the most. And since everyone knows that he loves dancing, occasionally he is the dance partner to many.

This is the first birthday that my sweet and considerate husband did not give me a card, usually on the dining table long before breakfast. Sad, another ritual, no more. Dementia takes my loved one away when I need him to celebrate.  I think, please, can I have my husband back for a little while?  Who is this rigid, nervous figure beside me, yearning to visit a rest room every 15 minutes? He’s not thinking about anything else when it’s time to go.

How do you like my towel cake? The next morning, when we returned to our cabin after breakfast, the cake was gone. Our steward said that his supervisor would be missing those towels! Glad I took my pictures right away.



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