“it looks like a person upside down”

July 14, 2016 § Leave a comment


Holding the hanger in my hand, I ask my dear husband to identify his clothing.

           “Looks like a person upside down!”  he said.  I told him that I’ll give him a clue  but before I could say another word he exclaimed “it’s shoes!!!”

Agnosia. The inability to recognize familiar objects includes his own wardrobe. He does not know if it’s his that he gently placed on the hanger just two days earlier.  I guess that he knew that it was something ‘a person’ wears.

I was so fascinated by how the pants were arranged that I painted the sketch but the truth is that he no longer knows how to arrange clothing.  Any way he does this is fine. In fact, the pants do not slide or slip on the hanger and I wonder why I hadn’t thought of this or seen anyone do this before. Discovery and surprises await on this journey loving someone with dementia.

Today, 99 degrees outside,  he put on a lightweight jacket because the fan is creating a breeze in the room and not knowing how to lower the speed or turn it off. He assumes the fan was my preference and can’t ask because he cannot make an inquiry about anything.



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