Last written words “Your snores are very loud”

August 16, 2018 § 3 Comments

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I recently found a notepad with handwritten text.  When my husband was cared for at home, Sundays were for oatmeal breakfast, library writing practice in the afternoon promised by ice cream afterwards.  This is the last intelligible text that he wrote, copied from a children’s book.  Please, if you can identify the author, comment below.    He no longer has language skills but I hear his voice and thoughts in my head.  I can feel his snores in my sleep too. I am grateful for the love and trust we have and like Alexander Hamilton’s wife, I will tell his story.  One lifetime is not enough.

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§ 3 Responses to Last written words “Your snores are very loud”

  • Ellen Hardgrove says:

    Could it be “Just in Time for New Year’s Eve” by Karen Gray Ruelle?

    • Ruth Altheim says:

      Thanks Ellen. I will follow up at the library and let you know.

    • Ruth Altheim says:

      Hi Ellen, you are right!!!! You should have seen me, sitting in the children’s section of our local library crying my eyes out holding a children’s book thinking about how difficult it was for Steve to write these words. I love the story – we used to try to stay awake for New Year’s too!!! Very best regards, Ruth

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