Where is my Tyler Henry?

April 17, 2018 § Leave a comment

Tonight I watched a tv program “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, a sweet, sensitive guy who can hear voices from the deceased, interpret what he hears while making marks on paper and communicate a meaningful message to their loved ones. It is called a ‘reading’ and gives comfort from the other side to the living, the still-alive family members.

Where is my Tyler Henry who, instead of being greeted at a Hollywood mansion’s door, would come to the elevator of my husband’s beautiful assisted living facility? I need a “Medium” who can ‘ retrieve or locate’ the memories or messages stolen by dementia and communicate to me, the still-alive loving wife, meaningful words of comfort from her declining spouse who no longer has words.

Five years ago, reading from a script we prepared together, he called his family and shared the official diagnoses. I remember that day and in the moment, didn’t realize that his brain was about to be thoroughly erased. He would no longer remember anyone – that he is married, had children, grandchildren, brothers and a mom and dad who loved family. All memories will be permanently gone.

What if the star Tyler Henry could visit our loved ones who are still living with dementia and tell us, their caregivers what we yearn to hear – that they, our partners, are sorry that dementia stole their lives from them and that they love us for caring for them ! And Tyler often says of the deceased, that they did not suffer. I hope that is true for my dear husband. I can no longer tell by how he looks, if he is at peace or possessed by agitation. I only have sad tears and memories.

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