Get me off this wild thing!

August 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

20170806 park-final-1
We only go now to places where we are a few steps from a restroom or a a short distance from The Kensington, his new home, my safety net.  I found a strip park alongside some new development and we love to walk there, away from fast moving cars in the street.  Yesterday we walked a little further and found a beautiful playground behind the local school. We stood and watched many happy children and adults on the swings.  I showed my husband where to sit and hold on to the suspended chains. I slowly pushed him once, he was terrified and in a panic, began to slide his backside off the seat.  “Get me off this wild thing” he yelled.  The swing wasn’t in motion, he was already leaning backwards so I told him to lean back.  He was laying on the soft mulch as I lifted his legs over the leather swing seat and to an upright position.

We walked over to a bench, sitting hips touching and I asked him if I could draw for a few minutes.  He said “is it alright if I put my arm around you like this?” He’s never asked before. He’s the one who sat on the swing and I’m still shaken because I wasn’t sure if being on a swing was a good idea. I scared him, it’s my fault, it might have been fun. He won’t remember this.

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