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June 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

6-19-2007 Ten year yahrzeit

When you have dementia, all milestones are sad ones.  My dear husband and I always observed the jewish tradition of yahrzeit to honor our parents memory on the anniversary of their death by reciting the kaddish, a mourners prayer, in the synagogue and donating charity in their names.  Sometimes we burned a special long burning candle, too, marking the solemn occasion.

My dear husband cannot attend group events where he cannot get up and walk about at will.  So Friday night I attended services by myself and I stood up for Dorothy when her name was read aloud from the bema. I stand for you too, my dear husband, because you don’t remember Dorothy was your mom.  I am so grateful that I held her hand on her journey.  She always smiled when she saw me!

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